Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I did this weekend

Spent 4 days creating a complete redesign of client's web site. Now I need to fine tune it to their liking.

Did hundreds/thousands of operations and came away with a much improved site. See it at www.div4.org .

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How I spent my weekend

Drove about 900 miles Saturday and Sunday for a wedding in south central Virginia. The weather was great, nice most of the time, hot some of the time.

Great scenery, great views of the landscapes. Great company.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Divy Up

Divs are a pain in the butt!

I have worked with them for years and they always cause me trouble. They move right, left, up, down and generally go where they want to go. I am hoping I can learn a better way to place them so they do what I want them to do.

Good luck divying about.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Project 2 Use existing web site for redesign

I have several (3) web sites that require redesigning, each for a different reason. I will concentrate mainly on two different sites, unless I get lucky and can get to the third.

The first site needs to be converted from Microsoft Frontpage to Dreamweaver. It is a matter of migrating it from a server with Frontpage extensions to one that supports the ftp protocol. This also involves contacting the ISP to move the account to another server. This should be straight forward, but there are sometimes a few bugs. The site may need complete overhaul if the move is ugly. The is a business site, apartment rentals.

The second site is a new site based on an existing web site now in use. It is the creation of a web site for a national organization that will host a national convention in 2014. The site will need to address people of all ages and backgrounds that have a common interest in railroad modeling in one form or another.

The third site will require the most work. It will either be a complete redesign or a migration and redesign. This site has data to be collected to a server and then organized with Excel, as well as the need for security with usernames and passwords. This also is a business site, dealing with nursing care and collecting the data from their visits, etc.